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Protect your software downloads.
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Download Protection Service

Optional, if purchased with every embroidery app, you are entitled to unlimited FREE app updates as and when they are released !

What is the Download Protection Service (DPS)?

Want the latest releases for free?
When the latest product updates and upgrades are released, they'll automatically be loaded in to your user area for you to download.

Want us to save your downloads & Apps?
Keep all your Data 7 software product purchases in one pleace, safe in the knowledge they're ready for you to download in the future, maybe to install on a new PC !

Please note: An activation reset may be required if your license is still registered to a previous PC or installation. Click here for more details about our activation reset request

n.b. If you choose to 'remove' 'DPS' then you won't be automatically eligible for the latest updates and upgrades to our products. Updates must be purchased separately.

Also your apps will only be available for you to download up to 90 days after your order date as they will be replaced with the latest updates. In this case we advise that you, the customer, backup your downloads and keep them safe yourself.

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