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Embroidery Software End User License Terms

Below is the terms of use for all Data 7 embroidery applications.

End User License Agreement

Each purchase of this Data 7 application entitles the customer to a single end user license.

Each license entitles the customer to install the purchased Data 7 application on a maximum of '2' different machine(s) / device(s) at anyone one time however, it may NOT be used concurrently and/as it may only be used by the person buying the license.

Any applications that are included free with the purchase of this application also entitles the customer to a single end user license for this free Data 7 application and allows the customer to install this, the free Data 7 application, on a maximum of '1' machine(s) / device(s) at anyone one time. This can be a different device(s) / machine(s) to the purchased application as described above.

Application License Verification

Each Data 7 application purchased is linked to one Data 7 user account / email, the end user license(s) are validated upon each activation, deactivation and regularly during the use of all applications. This is done via communicating to our verification servers over the internet. If any application is found to be used on devices not authorised e.g. a previously removed device through a reset request, it will be deactivated on said device and will not run. If the application is unable to communicate to the verification servers, then it will inform the user and wait until a suitable connection is available before the software can be used.
n.b. A permanent Internet connection is required at all times for all Data 7 embroidery applications to run.

Moving the license between devices

The purchased license / application DOES allow the customer to move the purchased Data 7 application at any time, and as many times as needed. This can be achieved by firstly deactivating the application from the machine or PC user account it's activated on and reactivating on the same or another PC.

If, under certain circumstances, a customer needs to re-activate any Data 7 applications before or without deactivating it first, then the customer can request an Activation Reset from our support team. This will only be performed / allowed if the customer in unable to deactivate the product themselves and the purchased application it not useable. For example; A PC crash which needs to be rebuilt etc.
A Software Download request may also be required if 'Download Protection' was not purchased at the time
Resets and Download requests are per application / license and can be made by the customer via their Data 7 customer account.

If the customer / user is found to be using any Data 7 applications without a valid user account or end user license or our system detects applications being used on more devices that the purchased licenses allows then Data 7 Consultancy retains the right to disable / lock the customers Data 7 accounts and revoke any end user license(s) above the purchased qty.
This may disable all the customer's Data 7 user accounts and disable all Data 7 applications the customer / user has purchased.
The customer's account will only be unlocked once payment for any additional Data 7 applications used is received in full.

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