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Viewer Tool Updates

Viewer Tool Updates

Below is the embroidery design viewer tool update history.

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Data 7 Viewer Tool Update History - Current Version 407
Version 407 - Jan 4th 2022


1. If a Tajima (DST) design has a corruption, it would sometimes cause any of our embroidery apps to crash when displaying the thumbnail. This will now not happen
2. Some FULL and trial 'Activations' were failing on some PCs due to Umlauts characters. This is now resolved


1. An open log file link has now been added to file menu to enable easy reporting of issues to our support teams

Version 406 - Nov 30th 2021


1. Certain PES file versions thumbnails were not showing correctly - This is now fixed
2. Some customers experienced a problem with our apps after upgrading to v405 - This is now fixed

Version 405 - Nov 20th 2021


1. Some FULL and TRIAL 'Activations' failed on some PCs
2. Certain PES file thumbnails were not working or showing correctly - This is now fixed


1. Menu captions that show folder path now improved by showing shortening version

Version 404 - Sep 30th 2021


1. App use audit / log files updates

Version 401 - 16th Dec 2020

Enhancement / Fixes:-

1. Software update version checks fixes/enhancements. Now correctly evaluates current and new versions for all embroidery apps.

Version 20109 - 1st Mar 2017


1. Fixed an issue where a previously browsed folder is no longer available which would cause the Viewer Tool not to open properly.

Version 20106 - 26th Feb 2017


1. Enhanced diagnostics to help with design issues

Version 2088 - 27th Jan 2017


1. Folder browser window is now sizeable when opening/viewing designs.
2. Thumbnails are now sizeable. Choose Classic or NEW folder view thumbnails meaning more icons per page.


1. Thumbnails wouldn't show correct colours and all different colours for some XXX designs. This is now fixed
Version 2069 - 1st Jan 2017


1. Error causing an install problem. This is now fixed in v2069
Version 2065 - 31st Dec 2016


1. Limitation when printing catalogues with folder paths longer than 115 characters has now been fixed.

Version 2060 - 1st Dec May 2016


1. The conversion tool, viewer tool and EDS now support SHV and VP3 format (In beta version).

Version 2037 - 20 May 2015


1. The viewer tool was showing the following error after installation 'Error:Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface.

This is now fixed. Simply download and install.

Version 2028 - 09 May 2015


1. The program would close when viewing certain designs with RGB files. This is now fixed.

Version 2023 - 09 Mar 2014


1. When printing a design catalogue for designs in a folder with its name longer than 115 chars, it would not print. This is now checked for.
2. Certain VIP files would not show centred correctly. This is now fixed
Version 2022 - 09 Jan 2014


1. Older SEW files thumbnail now shows correctly.
2. Fix to show HUS thumbnails correctly.
3. Fix to avoid conflict with Generations embroidery application.
Version 3008 - 20 Feb 2013


1. Add notes & codes to each Colour / Needle and print to design sheets
2. New icon type buttons throughout the app.
Version 1119 - 08 Feb 2013


1. Designs Costing Database facility added. Appears on design property printouts
2. New print previews before printing added.


1. New installer program removed due to causing some PC security systems flagging up as a threat - Now fixed.
2. Catalogue and design property printouts used to cut off half way down the page. This is now fixed
3. When printing to PDF each catalogue page would create a new PDF file. This now creates multiple pages in one PDF.
Version 1105 - 30 Jan 2013

1. New installer program to make it easier to install and remove.
2. Issue with stitch count on colour layers. Now fixed.
3. New Design Pop Out feature that shows the selected design in it's own window which is resizable. Also shows design info.
4. New Menu system which is more intuitive to help find the options you're looking for.
Version 1097 - 27 Jan 2013

1. The Data 7 Embroidery Design Viewer Tool now supports Viking HUS and Pfaff VIP embroidery formats.
Version 1075 - 21 Dec 2012

1. Design Notes page now shows design thumbnail and design properties such as sizes, colours etc....
Version 1074 - 17 Dec 2012

1. When installing the Data 7 Embroidery Design Viewer for the first time on a PC that already had the Data 7 Embroidery Design Conversion Tool the message "Remove" or "Repair" would appear. This is now fixed in version 1074 as of 17th Dec 2012.
Version 1073 - 15 Dec 2012

1. The Data 7 Embroidery Design Viewer now supports "Design Notes". Add any kind of note to a design you wish, any format and it'll show with each design, in design properties and on the printed design sheets.

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