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EDS Updates

EDS Updates

Below you'll find issues, fixes and updates for the Embroidery Design Suite.

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Data 7 EDS Update History - Current Version 507
Version 507 - Jan 4th 2022


1. If a Tajima (DST) design has a corruption, it would sometimes cause any of our embroidery apps to crash when displaying the thumbnail. This will now not happen
2. Some FULL and trial 'Activations' were failing on some PCs due to Umlauts characters. This is now resolved


1. An open log file link has now been added to file menu to enable easy reporting of issues to our support teams

Version 506 - Nov 30th 2021


1. Certain PES file versions thumbnails were not showing correctly - This is now fixed
2. Certain PES file versions were not converting correctly - This is now fixed
3. Some customers experienced a problem with our apps after upgrading to v505 - This is now fixed

Version 505 - Nov 20th 2021


1. Some FULL and TRIAL 'Activations' failed on some PCs
2. Certain PES file thumbnails and conversions were not working correctly
3. Certain files that fail to convert caused subsequent conversions to fail in error until application reloaded


1. 'Converting folders' option now remembers: Sub folder option, Last format chosen, Location, Last location chosen
2. Menu captions that show folder path now improved by showing shortening version

Version 504 - Sep 30th 2021


1. Can now convert all files in sub folders - Can convert 1000s of files at a time.
2. Allows the user to choose to SAVE the converted files in the original or different location
3. Enhanced audit / log file and pre-conversion file list

Version 501 - 16th Dec 2020

Enhancement / Fixes:-

1. Software update version checks fixes/enhancements. Now correctly evaluates current and new versions for all embroidery apps.

Version 30105(Trial) and 30106 - 30th Dec 2017


1. The pattern fill editor had minor issues when saving new pattern fills on Windows 8 and Windows 10 machines which have been fixed.
2. The alphabet maintenance has been enhanced to show new gallery sysyem and minor issues when adding new alphabets and letters to new or existing alphabets on Windows 8 and Windows 10 machines which have been fixed.

Version 3084 - 3rd Jun 2017


1. Now has a basic Undo and Redo feature. Restore points are created when a new monogram is created, a block or point editing session is started or a digitising session is started. All restore points are cleared when the EDS is either restarted or the 'file ew' option is selected. There is currently a maximum of 256 restore points recorded which allows you to use the 'Ctrl Z' keys to go back or the 'Ctrl Y' to go forward. You can view a video demonstrating the new feature on our YouTube channel.

Version 3080 - 1st Mar 2017


1. Fixed an issue where a previously browsed folder is no longer available which would cause the EDS not to open the save as dialog box.

Version 3078 - 26th Feb 2017


1. Enhanced diagnostics to help with design issues

Version 3072 - 27th Jan 2017


1. Folder browser window is now sizeable when opening and saving designs.


1. Thumbnails wouldn't show correct colours and all different colours for some XXX designs. This is now fixed
2. When converting to XXX format, the colours would not show correctly in some other applications including "Professional Sew-Ware Intro". This is now fixed
Version 3065 - 1st Jan 2017


1. Error causing an install problem. This is now fixed in v3065
Version 3063 - 31st Dec 2016


1. New feature to select specific colours as blocks instead of manually selecting in Point Editing. Can be used to remove from design to reduce stitch count.


1. Error causing EDS to crash when using design refresh in point editing after inserting design, now fixed.
2. Write block to disc would cause error, now fixed.
3. Monogramming not drawing correctly on initial creation, Now fixed.
4. Monogramming not recording correct colour changes on initial creation, Now fixed.
5. Limitation when printing catalogues with folder paths longer than 115 characters has now been fixed.
Version 3057 - 4th Dec 2016


1. The 'grid' now shows whilst in a digitising session.


1. Whilst in a digitising session, if the PAN button / feature was used followed by a refresh then the redraw would fail with an error. This has now been fixed.
2. Whilst in a digitising session, certain drawing functions were slow such as when drawing columns. This is now fixed.
Version 3054 - 1st Dec 2016


1. The conversion tool, viewer tool and EDS now support SHV and VP3 format (In Beta version).
Version 3044 - 12 April 2016


1. The conversion tool and EDS now support the larger hoops sizes for JEF (Janome) file format. Specifically 230x230mm and 230x300mm.
Version 3041 - 09 May 2015


1. The program would close when viewing certain designs with RGB files. This is now fixed.

Version 3039 - 16 Jul 2014


1. When merging designs, colour palette would not import and throw out colour sequence of current design. Now merging designs facility imports the colour palette from inserted design to current design and shows correctly during merge and subsequent redraws. Also saves with edited design. No need to re-setup or choose colours.


1. Under certain circumstances, after editing design or merging designs, EDS would throw pointer error and design changes would be lost. This has now been fixed.
Version 3035 - 13 Jul 2014


1. New and improved inserting / merging designs with quick keys access - CTRL + S and CTRL + E to insert designs at the start or at the end of the loaded design.
Version 3030 - 09 Mar 2014


1. When printing a design catalogue for designs in a folder with its name longer than 115 chars, it would not print. This is now checked for.
2. Certain VIP files would not show centred correctly. This is now fixed
Version 3028 - 09 Jan 2014

1. Fix to show HUS thumbnails correctly.
2. Fix to avoid conflict with generations application.
3. Older SEW files thumbnail now shows correctly
4. Older SEW files convert correctly
Version 3008 - 20 April 2013

1. New look toolbar icons (Trial / Full versions) throughout the EDS.
2. Add notes & codes to each Colour / Needle and print to design sheets
3. New icon type buttons throughout the app.
Version 2152 - 02 April 2013

1. New keyboard shortcuts for zooming in and out in point editing, block editing and digitising
2. New Help dialogs to use when editing or digitising.
3. New refresh options when editing and digitising using F5
4. More NEW Windows type standard shortcuts added for selecting blocks etc...
5. Convenient stitch point selections when point editing using CTRL + left mouse click.
6. Auto tie off stitches when digitising
7. Auto redraw option when deleting stitches in digitising
8. Convenient information now shown in status bar e.g. scale of increase in size as well as percentage in block editing.
Version 2143 - 16 Mar 2013

1. New design property sheets included.
2. Printing of new design property sheets and catalogues with print preview.
3. New design gallery with sizeable thumbnails. Also include rotating, mirroring tools and catalogue printing shortcuts
4. Design notes now incorporated in to EDS. Also when importing or exporting, design notes are carried through as well as design cost settings.
5. Many new keyboard shortcuts for editing, saving, property sheet info.
6. Now compatible with non-English operating systems supporting native number formats etc...
Version 20136 - 30 Jan 2013

1. New installer program to make it easier to install and remove.
2. Issue with stitch count on colour layers when importing/exporting designs. Now fixed.
3. New Menu system when importing/exporting designs which is more intuitive to help find the options you're looking for.
Version 20134 - 27 Jan 2013

1. The Data 7 Embroidery Design Suite now supports Viking HUS and Pfaff VIP embroidery formats.
Version 20124 - 27 Aug 2012

1. Path not found or device not found when trying to load designs. This occurs when a detachable drive / USB drive was used the last time but is then removed. The next attempt to load a design looks for the detachable / removable drive caused the EDS to crash. This is now trapped and recovered
2. When converting from certain formats to PES format certain LONG stitches caused and error. This is now fixed.
3. Both the Data 7 EDS Trial and Full versions were affected
Version 20117 - 08 Aug 2011

1. Both the Data 7 EDS Trial and Full versions now have enhanced "Design Load" menu options which dynamically imports non native design formats. The EDS now converts these designs on the fly and imports ready for editing etc...
2. It also now has new folder browsing facility when loading any design format.
3. The Data 7 EDS registration operation has been made more robust.
4. When first running teh Data 7 EDS, sometimes "Error 52" would appear. This was due to registration paths. The EDS has now been enhanced to use dynamic location of any design run allowing multiple design locations preventing above error.
Version 2099 - 18 May 2008

1. The Data 7 Trial version now allows the saving of Quick Condensed format.
Version 2088/2089 - 14 May 2008

1. The issue has been resolved when installing on Windows Vista machines where the file TWIZ32.OCX did not register correctly.
Version 2086/2087 - 10 May 2008

1. If installation is performed to the none default location, default being the designs and gallery location now also installed to same place.
2. Pattern fills selected now correctly saved to quick condensed design and created when saved to quick expanded format.
3. Now includes example designs to showcase how to digitise Fills, Complex Fills, Run, Column and Curve stitches and Curved Columns. It also Shows finished Expanded designs with Pattern Fills. Turn Stitch points on and you'll see the patterns it can create.
4. Correct detection of image inputs such as scanners, web cams etc...
Version 2082/2083 - 08 May 2008

1. Enhancement to Design Gallery when loading designs
2. When importing designs, the default save location is now designs instead of My Documents

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